Community Engagement Pop Up's

Meet with your neighbors, government agencies, local organizations to discuss the change and resources you want to see in your neighborhood. Be connected, active, and engaged in your community and neighbors. This creates platform to voice decision making in your neighborhood.

Rainier Beach, Dunlap, Brighton and Rainier View area ONLY!

The Purpose

To provide residence with representatives and UNITY that will address the needs, issues, concerns and solutions expressed by your neighbors to make the change and resources you want to see. The Community Engagement will be used to express issues, concerns, needs and  make suggestions toward collaborative solutions at scheduled in-person/virtual community engagement pop-ups. Examples can be, but are not limited to; public safety concerns, community building, leadership and decision-making, plan programming, activities and community events, etc.

Neighbor Day

The City of Seattle has partnered with us for Neighbor Day. Residents and their families can visit their local Fire Station to demonstrate your appreciation for their bravery and caring spirit, learn some safety tips tour the station and take pictures with them.

Neighbor Day is held yearly on the first Saturday. This year it's on May 6, 2023